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Heroic Trilliax down!

Aralosseien a posted Apr 15, 17

A quick note about raiding.

Loose a posted Apr 1, 17

When we raid on a Friday, it's always with the expectation of a no drama, friendly and easy going environment. We try to be as relaxed as possible and not enforce too many rules.
Recently though, we've started noticing a trend where people are suddenly dropping out before the scheduled end with no forwarning and really, this isn't cool.
Tonight, for example, we lost a quarter of the raid half an hour early with zero warning.
We understand you might need to leave early if there's an emergency but if you think you may not be able to stay for the duration (for any reason) please tell us as early as possible. Ideally before the raid starts.
It will be fine, you won't be kicked or banned or anything like that but it's polite and helpful to those of us who spend, frankly, far too much time organising this stuff.
Everyone here has lives and a lot of people change personal schedules to be available on Friday evenings and it's not fair to waste their time if raids fall apart before they are finished.
As I said at the start, we don't want to enforce rules but that doesn't mean we won't - if you're raiding, remember there are 10-20 other people being affected by you as well. Please be considerate of them.
I'll cross post this to Discord and the Forums for maximum visibility.