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Discom goes Horde!!!

Somnus a posted Jan 18, 15

Before any of you start panicking the guild isn't getting moved to another server or even to horde Discom will remain. However, many of you in recent days, weeks and months have asked about having a horde guild so they can see the other side of the game.

To facilitate this I will set up a guild called Datcombobulated on the horde side on Hellfire. I will need people to log on to sign up to get the guild up and running. Invites will be welcomed from your toons on Hellfire and Arathor as is the case for Discom. However, my intention initially is to restrict the horde guild to current Discom members and hope to get enough signatures.

As I will be setting up the guild I will be GM there initially but I will speak to the members and the current officers as to how they want to take it forward and will look to pass the GM on once we see who is playing what and where.

Whisper me on Alli side for invites.


There's been some interest (see the shout box) in setting up an alt-guild Horde side so I thought I'd solicit some ideas for names. Reply here with ideas and to note anything you've seen that you like and we'll make an arbitrary decision later.

My suggestion : Datcombobulated.
Somnus a We have two votes for Datcombobulated which I like. I like Mud's suggestion but think its maybe a bit close for a r...
Elzeebeth Strangely enough I was also thinking ... Datcombobulated too

Hello Discombobulites!

A very Happy New Year to you all. I hope that everyone enjoyed a hearty, restful and fattening holiday season and that you all still fit into your gaming chairs and are ready for a year full of computerised goodness.

The first event on the Discom calendar this year is the ESO beta stress test starting this weekend. I know a large number of us have beta keys starting this Friday (except for one particularly unorganised and jealous warlock) and so I thought, why not get together?!

What better was to make a game MASSIVE and MULTIPLAYER than by having those players be ones you already know?

This Saturday 11th of January I will be (attempting!) to log in to ESO at 17:00. There won't be any structured shinanigans, but we will have the mumble server up and open for some old times banter while we play. So even if you're not in the beta, log in to Mumble with us and come and catch up!

Please remember this is a beta, AND a stress test no less. It might die horribly, you might get no game play at all or it might be the greatest game of your dreams and you won't get to play it again until release. So many potential problems.

If you want to join us and you do have an ESO beta key there are a few things to do. First, make sure your mumble is installed and up to date. Secondly, before the beta starts you should download the game. It is a whopping 21gb (my first computer only had 15gb of space and I remember thinking that was huge...) and it will take some time, so don't rock up at 17:00 on Saturday just to watch a download screen until Sunday morning.

Lastly, please feel free to make whatever race, faction or class you want, there is only one server and we'll just have a laugh on the night. If you want to join me in whichever faction I start, I'll let you all know on Saturday.

Happy Gaming,

I'll see you Tamriel,


Scape a Happy Birthday, old post that's not even about WoW!
Aralosseien a Excited! Downloading as we speak!
Erand a Sadly tonight is the last night of 5, got to save all the kids you know ;) I'll be on tomorrow when I get home and ...